Kanye West’s MTV VMAs speech and his idols: What you should know

During a 2016 MTV VMAs speech (see below), Kanye West listed his top five idols, saying, “My role models are artists/merchants. There’s less than 10 that I can name in history: Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney, Jobs, West.” Tech legend Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs was the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc.; CEO and majority […]

‘The Martian’ takes slowest weekend box office of the year

This past weekend was the type that has the film industry completely shook as even new movies by normally dependable box office stars like Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock couldn’t get people into the seats at theaters across the country. Continuing in a downward spiral from last week that saw the highly anticipated Steve Jobs […]

‘Steve Jobs’ flops; ‘The Martian’ regains weekend box office

In what’s being described as a “box-office bloodbath,” the highly anticipated Steve Jobs biopic starring Michael Fassbender has flopped, much to the surprise of industry experts. Despite strong critical acclaim and having a near record-breaking limited theater release, the Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) penned film only took in a disappointing $7.2 million in its first […]

‘Goosebumps’ edges out ‘The Martian’ to take the weekend box office

In a week that saw three new movies open in the top five, it was Jack Black’s family-friendly comedic horror, Goosebumps, that prevailed to take the lead at the weekend box office. Black’s seemingly tireless promotion of the film based on R.L. Stine’s series of popular spooky books for kids, paid off as Goosebumps narrowly edged out […]

Beats Music coming to iPhones

In a move that should surprise no one, especially after shelling out $3 billion dollars to acquire the brand, Apple recently announced that Beats Music will be installed on all iPhones via the iOS update this coming spring. According to CNet, Apple plans to take on its biggest streaming adversary, Spotify, with the move. With the […]

Glenn Murray, CEO of 220 Communications, leading by example

Please describe your leadership style. I try to lead by example, there is nothing that anyone on my team does that I wouldn’t do if I had to. But I also understand the value of letting go and allowing people to take swings and misses. There are valuable lessons to be learned in falling short […]

Apple’s Mac computer turns 30: Then and now

It’s been 30 years since Steve Jobs launched the first Mac and it has come a long way since the original model, Lisa, in 1984, costing $10,000. Back then Mac didn’t do very much. There were only two programs, MacWrite and MacPaint; MacWrite maxed out at writing a resume. The Motorola 68000 processor was too […]

Ashton Kutcher’s ex-lovers and girlfriends

Ashton Kutcher is on a momentous ride that is picking up even more steam after positive pre-release critiques of his starring role in Jobs, the movie about the ingenious technical revolutionary Steve Jobs who took a beleaguered Apple Inc. into homes in ways never before fathomable. He is also the star of the hit sitcom […]

Ashton Kutcher believable in ‘Jobs’

Stars: Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad, J.K. Simmons, Annika BerteaSteve Jobs, a creative genius by all estimates, was the co-founder , chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. Tackling the life story of this business maverick is not a task to be undertaken lightly, but Ashton Kutcher more than meets the challenge in the title role. Jobs […]

Steve Jobs’ widow dating former Washington, D.C., mayor Adrian Fenty

Rumors are swirling that former Washington, D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty (2007-11) is the apple of Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs’ eye. Last September, the Howard University Law School graduate and former politician, 42, was appointed special advisor at Andreessen Horowitz, one of Silicon Valley’s hottest venture capital firms.

Apple hiring to save the release of iWatch

Apple is in need of a little help to get the ball rolling for its 2014 release of the iWatch. Apple’s Silicone Valley office is looking for new engineers outside of the company with hopes of fresh new realistic ideas to speed up and launch it’s newest member of the Apple family. The release of […]

Fashion designer Anna Marshall lives, breathes and dreams fashion

In September 2001, Anna Marshall moved to Southern California to pursue her passion: fashion design. A native of Houston, Marshall is now the CEO of A Clothes Mind,  an online clothing boutique established in 2005. It’s where you’ll find two of her collections – Solace and Margaux Kouture. Solace is a trendy line made especially […]

Black Sheep rapper Dres calls Kanye West gay

Fans and critics across the web have been up in arms about Kanye West’s recent comments in a New York Times article, especially his remark that he’s the “Steve [Jobs] of Internet, downtown, fashion, culture.” Although most people vehemently disagreed with West, rap legend Dres, of Black Sheep actually agreed with the Yeezus emcee and […]

Kanye West’s craziest quotes!

That $h*t cray! To promote his new album, “Yeezus,” Kanye West sat down with “The New York Times” for a lengthy, must-read Q&A interview. Were not quite sure yet whether his zany one on one was pure brilliance or if he’s really lost it this time, but it surely is a reminder that West is […]

Vintage Apple computer auctioned for $668,000

One of Apple’s first computers — a functioning 1976 model — has been sold for a record $668,000. German auction house Breker said Saturday an Asian client, who asked to remain anonymous, bought the so-called Apple 1, which the tech company’s founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, built in a garage. The computer is one of six known remaining functioning models […]

Filmmaker Tony Clomax talks about passion, Antoine Fuqua and Steve Jobs

“My passion for what I do drives me, as well as my desire to entertain people and be a positive representative of my family. I followed my heart, but there were many detours along the way. I stayed true to my passion and to myself, which eventually led me back on the course that I […]

Celebrity real estate: Apple co-founder selling California home

This is the second time that Steve Jobs’ Apple partner, Steve Wozniak, will try to sell his mountain home. The 7,500-square-foot modern home features six bedrooms and six full bathrooms with views of the Los Gatos Mountains. The home originally went on the market in February 2012 at $5 million, but never sold. After six months, […]

Khloé Not a Kardashian?

The famous Kardashian clan has faced a lot of scandal and tabloid scrutiny over the past few months, thanks in no small part to Kim Kardashian and her high-profile divorce. But now little sis Khloé Kardashian Odom is the one making headlines after rumors began to circulate that she’s not biologically a Kardashian. According to […]

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