‘Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter have zero blacks on their boards of directors,’ Jesse Jackson reveals


The top new media companies have done a poor job at diversity, according to Jesse Jackson. In a recent open letter written by Jackson, the Civil Rights icon points out how Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter have created a good ole boy network by not hiring blacks and latinos in executive positions.

“There are zero blacks and Latinos in the C-suites all too often. Tech powerhouses including Facebook, Apple, and Google, new media companies like Twitter, have zero blacks on their boards of directors. In the C-suites, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and far too many companies have zero African Americans on their boards or Latinos in their leadership positions in the C-suites,” Jackson wrote.

Jackson believes that Silicon Valley must support diversity at some point. “We won’t know how good Silicon Valley can be until everybody can participate. All we ask is that everyone plays by one set of rules, and that there is an even playing field for all. It’s the moral imperative. We want mutually beneficial two-way trade,” he wrote.

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg responded to Jackson by pointing out the company’s diversity programs. “We have built a number of great partnerships, groups like the National Society of Black Engineers, the Hispanic Alumni of Georgia Tech, Grace Hooper for girls who code, Management Leadership of Tomorrow. And these partnerships have been great because they are really helping us get great candidates and reach out,” Sandberg wrote.

While Facebook decided to respond to Jackson, Apple, Google and Twitter have yet to release a statement regarding the lack of diversity at their companies.

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