50 Cent Lends Support to Occupy Wall Street Protesters

50 Cent Lends Support to Occupy Wall Street Protesters

After stirring up a bit of controversy last week, it looks like 50 Cent is back to attempting to make the world a better place, once again. Just weeks after posting an incendiary PSA blasting the public for failing to support his Street King initiative, the conscious capitalist has now posted another PSA, raging against political corruption and lending his support to the protestoes of Occupy Wall Street.

Like before, 50 posted the PSA to the Street King Facebook wall. In the PSA, 50 takes aim at the American government, criticizing politicians for their underhanded business dealings and neglect for the welfare of the world’s middle and lower classes.

“How f–ked up that we have evidence that the big Banks have been corrupt, yet our governments aren’t punishing those that have stolen from the pension funds.

“Our politicians are puppets for whoever pays them into office. That’s how f–ked our system is. Their broken promises for change can’t happen especially when the system is corrupt.

“And children who need a meal go without because our politicians won’t stop thinking of themselves long enough or how to win the next election, too look around them and see how bad it is.

“You aren’t helping Mr politician, things are getting worse here in the U.S., in Europe, Africa, everywhere!”

Despite government corruption, 50 Cent underlines the power of the common American citizen and calls on them to cease their support of businesses that neglect to help communities in need.

“There [are] hard working people out there who do give a s—. Problem is those with the power – government and big business, want this system to keep going. It suits them.

“I don’t want to do business with these f–kers anymore. Do you?

“… want to shout out to Occupy Wall Street groups around the world. You are waking up the world, including me. Please keep up the peaceful protest, you are making a difference.”

Clearly, 50 Cent is a man of many powerful as well as controversial beliefs, and though his thoughts have a tendency to stir up trouble, his voice is one that people can’t seem to stop listening to and, for now, that’s a good thing. – nicholas robinson

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