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‘People’ Magazine Names Idris Elba Among Sexiest Men Alive: 4 More Sexy Black Men That Should Have Been on That List

According to People magazine, Idris Elba deserves to be named No. 3 on their their annual Sexiest Man Alive list because, “He’s made a lasting impression on fans of “The Wire,” earned an Emmy nomination for his devilish turn in the BBC’s “Luther” and showed off his 6-foot-3-inch form to very good advantage in Thor.

So what’s the British-born actor’s weakness? According to Elba, 39,  “A woman who has really nice, looked-after skin is such a turn-on for me. It’s always sexy.”

When it comes to listing the world’s sexiest men, there’s no denying Elba deserves a spot near the top (I’d definitely rank him above People‘s No. 1, Bradley Cooper), but I can think of a few more brothers who are definitely in the running when it comes to having the looks, brains, success and swagger that make a man the sexiest:

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