Back in 1989, The Grammy’s didn’t just snub one artist, but an entire genre. During that year, the Recording Academy added Hip-Hop music to its list of awards categories, but failed to air the category on TV. Several hip-hop acts like DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Salt-N-Pepa and LL Cool J boycotted the ceremony. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince would win the award but claimed they were disappointed by the Grammy’s.

Nicholas Robinson

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  • Vandellish

    Ok these complaining azz people are obviously very silly or
    need to brush up on their Grammy award history. Kanye, Jill Scott, Miguel or
    anybody complaining about their lack of nominations or not winning a Grammy
    need to either chill or boycott that sh!t altogether. Everyone that knows
    Grammy history knows very well that the Grammys have ALWAYS gotten things wrong
    when it comes to awarding black artists. One of Public Enemy’s most famous
    lines is ‘Who give a fk about a GD Grammy?’ way back in 1988.

    Why do artists need the Grammy’s (or any award show) validation
    at all? Jill Scott has had a 10+ year career already in music. She’s got some
    of the most dedicated fans out there. Sure she’s talented and hard-working but
    there are hundreds of other talented folks out there that didn’t get the
    opportunity to do music for a career and be profitable with it. She’s very
    blessed to still be churning out good music. Shouldn’t that be enough? Miguel
    just started and he didn’t get nominated. Oh well, I guess he’ll just have to
    settle for constant radio rotation, great album sales and numerous tv

    Artists need to understand that if they didn’t get the BS
    Grammy nod or nomination that it only means that they are probably doing
    something right because the Grammy’s process for selecting winners in R&B
    and hip hop categories is usually flawed anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Of course he was snubbed! I mean seriously, we all know the poli-trics of the music biz. Perhaps he’s not rubbing someone the “right way!” Or maybe a “quickie” just wasn’t long enough! Who knows! Whatever the case is, securing a nomination was not a “sure thing!”

    Anyway, why was J Cole nominated? What has he done again? Is it because he’s Jay-Z’s artist? I mean come’on, we’ve seen it all before with India Arie and Alicia Keyes. The story never changes only the artist do! Face it, if you want the nominations and the awards, you gotta lay, oops I mean pay, the piper…

    I love your songs Miguel! Better luck next time!