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Atlanta Strippers Have Special Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Exotic dancers are known for “giving” a wiggle here and “giving” a flash of their voluptuous forms there. But at Pin-Ups adult entertainment club in suburban Atlanta, they are giving more than just eyefuls of their drool-inducing heavenly female bodies: They are giving back to the community in a variety of ways, including feeding the homeless and promoting breast cancer awareness.

Yes, we already know the thoughts that are racing through your brain and causing circuit overload: strippers and philanthropy go together like cheesecake and malt liquor beer or Herman Cain and marriage fidelity. Pin Ups management and employees are working to alter that faulty mindset and, in the process, are coming to the aid of those who need it most.

For example, on Thanksgiving Day, many Pin Ups employees stole time away from their families and friends to pour some love to those who were hungry. “We handed out approximately 80 plates to the homeless,” said General Manager Kelly Campbell, whose dancers helped prepare food and drinks for up to seven hours.

Added Pin Ups manager Angela Sheffield: “We’re just trying to do some good in the community and give back. We want to share our prosperity with others. The turnout was great. We had a lot of participants show up.”

Pin Ups’ staff put on their clothes instead of taking them off and prepared food feasts instead of providing feasts for the eyes: They put together plates filled with mash potatoes, sweet potato casserole, turkey, dressing, salad and cranberry sauce.

Most recently, Pin Ups used a portion of its seasonal earnings to contribute to funds directly to homeless children and mothers, by way of the Children’s Restoration Network – a deed that will go a long way to help even after the holiday season said Ben Minor, the program’s Project One On One Director.

“We want to do anything we can to help homeless children and homeless mothers,” said Minor. “We’re always willing to take contributions from individuals and businesses in our community. We’re really appreciative of them (Pin Ups) reaching out to us to work with us on this.”

Pin Ups personnel understand that bestowing kindness on others without being asked positively impacts the beneficiary and benefactors alike in ways that cannot always be measured quantitatively. But the seeds of recovery have been planted and can grow from that instance of emotional nourishment.

Pin Ups is not new to this. The employees have been practicing this philosophy of philanthropy for a minute now. Back in October, the club hosted a “Pink Out” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, helping to remind the community as well as the hard-working employees of Pin-Ups that the monumental important practice of self-examinations at regular intervals can be a life-saving endeavor.

Right now, Pin Ups is continuing the rollout of Terry’s Tots – a newly founded charitable campaign to increase the recovery percentages of underprivileged families and children. Pin Ups promises to give away at least five baskets full of holiday splendor. Various sponsors, including Hennessy, Seraphin XO and Cuervo 1800 stepped in to assist with the raffles, which can be purchased anywhere between $2 and $20 this week and next.

The next question is: what ‘presents’ will the dancers unveil for patrons and the community for during Christmas, not to mention New Years and beyond? Keep up with Pin Ups — better yet, come visit the spot in Decatur, Ga., — and you will soon find out.

terry shropshire

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