Radio Host Chris Nolen Keeps It Real: 5 Reasons Black Men Don’t Marry

Radio Host Chris Nolen Keeps It Real: 5 Reasons Black Men Don’t Marry

Fans know that Christopher Nolen keeps it real, (hence, his nickname KIR) especially when he dishes raw relationship conversations on The Christopher Nolen KIR Radio Show at, and the daily relationship questions on Facebook.

Here, Nolen tells rolling out the common reasons that he’s heard over the years from some brothers who are slow to take that walk down the aisle.

5 Reasons That  Some Black Men Don’t Marry

1. He’s test-driving your relationship.

There are a great number of black men that want to get married, but it just has to be with the right woman for that black man.

Then you have a great number of black men that just do not want to get married for personal reasons. You see, every man has a vision of the potentially perfect wife in their heads, and every time they get with a woman they are always thinking there is a better woman out there.

So with that being the case, some men hold out longer than others.

2. His money isn’t right.

Some black men do not get married because their finances are not as tight as what they want them to be.

Let’s be real about it, money is important in a marriage, and if a man feels his financial situation isn’t tight then he will hold off until he can be a better provider.

3. He may be immature.

Some black men are just immature when it comes to love, commitment, and marriage. … We don’t want to believe it — but it is true. Some of us are just late bloomers. Some men get it and just some men don’t, unfortunately.

4. It’s cool to be single — for a man.

Some men just feel that being married doesn’t have to define who they are. Think about it, as a society, a man that is eligible, handsome and successful, is single by choice. But when a woman is eligible, beautiful, sexy, successful and single — society thinks there is something wrong with her.

5. He doesn’t need to buy the cow …

Also, another reason is sex without commitment is too easy nowadays — enough said!

Radio Host Chris Nolen Keeps It Real: 5 Reasons Black Men Don’t MarryOne final word ladies, getting married or not all boils down to the man and the choice he wants to make for himself. “You” have to be happy with “yourself” before “you” can make someone else happy. Once “you” are happy with “yourself” your relationship will lead to a successful and happy marriage.

To learn more about Chris Nolen, visit

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