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Diddy Retiring From Music Industry? Find Out His New Career Plan: 5 Artists Pouring Into the Liquor Industry

Throughout his decades-long career, Diddy has made himself a million-dollar force in fashion, film, TV and his first love, music. But now the high-powered mogul is apparently ready to leave the world of music behind and focus his energy on film and TV as well his newfound love for the liquor industry.

In a recent interview with AdWeek, Diddy explained that he’s taking his career in film and TV to the next level and has even become bicoastal (splitting his time between New York and L.A.) to further his career goals. But the most shocking thing is his admission that he plans to walk away from his initial passion — music.

“I have huge plans for both. Twelve months ago, I basically relocated to L.A. I still live in New York, but I’m bi-coastal. I have some major announcements at the top of the year on things I’m producing — an announcement that’s bigger than anyone can realize on something I’m acquiring. … I’m looking forward to 2012; it’s a huge transition for me out of music onto the big screen and continuing my legacy as a producer.”

One of Diddy’s huge announcements includes his decision to expand his liquor empire. Diddy has already made his Ciroc vodka one of the most successful and popular brands in liquor, but now Diddy wants to launch his own brand of tequila.

“The only other thing I can tell you that I am working on is I have been spending some time in Mexico learning about the art of tequila. I’m a huge tequila fan,” said Diddy.

Well, we may be seeing less of Diddy in the music world, but clearly we’re going to be seeing more of him and his products in our own homes. And Diddy isn’t the only entertainer spreading their wings — or rather their goblets — around the liquor industry. Here are five other celebs who are making liquor for the masses.

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