Chrissy and Mama Jones Have A Heart-to-Heart

After nearly two seasons of vicious fights and squabbles between Chrissy and Jim’s mother, Nancy, many thought that the two women would never be able to work things out and be kind to each other. But in surprise twist, the two decide to meet up and discuss how their relationship has recently evolved from one of hostility and rage to one that is peaceful. Chrissy also explains to Mama Jones that Jim thinks their new engagement means they should be having more sex and promises Nancy that they’ll be giving her some grandchildren in the future. But the best moment comes when Chrissy, overcome with emotion, embraces Mama Jones and promises to love her the same way she loves Jim, and Mama Jones returns the sentiment.

Nicholas Robinson

I'm a lover of quirks and writing compelling pieces for my readers.

  • sherrietienne

    I love Chrissy! She is by far my favorite and probably because she and I have the most in common (except fighting, I don’t fight). I am so happy that she’s happy with the place she’s in right now. Her and Jimmy make a cute couple and its an honor to watch him grow into his grown man swag. I love it!
    As for Liv, I have much respect for her as an artist. She knows what she wants and she stands firm. Independent is definitely the right route for her because the industry can’t stand a cocky broad. The only thing execs want cocked on a girl is her legs. Good luck Liv and please work on that straddle the fence friendship thing, it doesn’t work for you.
    Emily!!! I hope it all works out for her and Fab. She seems like a sweet person who only wants to love and be loved. Unfortunately my dear it takes time for the men we choose (especially in that lifestyle) to reach a level of maturity that includes committing to that special someone. Either he’ll come around or he won’t, but the decision to stay or wait is totally left up to us. I’m rooting for you!
    Yandy, okay since she and Jim aren’t working togwther anymore can y’all send her back whereever she came from (off the show). She comes across as a sh*t starter and I don’t like her. I’d prefer her mentor be a cast member rather than Yandy. Yandy’s came off as a sloppy business woman and very wack! Do birds of a feather really flock together? I hope not!
    Kimbella, she seems like an airhead, but she grows on you. I didn’t like what she did to Emily, but I love the way she stood her ground against Erica. I hope she gets some counseling though cause her dysfunctional upbringing is starting to take a toll on her. She seems like the type to either have a breakdown or attempt suicide with baby aspirin. Peace be upon lady!
    And Somaya, she was M.I.A. a lo this seasont and I liked that! I still don’t understand her role or the networks desire to make her relevant. She’s a filler and its time for her to fold, but please don’t add Tierra Marie as a cast member! Pineapples, I don’t like it!
    Smoochez, see you next season Ladies!
    Sherri Etienne

  • Sharshank

     I love watching Love and Hip Hop, this season was
    really filled with drama but I loved every bit of it. I really wanted to stay
    on top of everything but with school and working late at DISH, it was hard. Luckily
    I had TV everywhere because I was able to stream all my shows right to my iPad
    while I was on breaks. So hopefully everyone returns for the next season. I
    can’t wait.