Benjamin Dyett Enhancing the Way Freelancers Work Through Grind LLC

When Benjamin Dyett realized that the freelance market was an underserved segment of the work force, he co-founded Grind LLC. Grind provides freelancers with a brick-and-mortar workspace and networking opportunities with over 100 workspaces, community building events and a public digital gallery where members showcase their projects. Dyett’s background in real estate, corporate law and as a legal and business consultant helped him expand Grind nationally and internationally. Dyett spoke with rolling out about how his unique space is better serving the work force.

There are similar companies providing the same service you do,  what is your company’s key selling point?

Other spaces are like space providers and less of a community builder. We are a collaborative platform and we haven’t seen many or any like ours. We are centrally focused on the individual freelancer consultant and creative person; people who have been running their own business out of their briefcase for years.

You have several initiatives designed to foster creativity and networking. What benefit has that provided to your company?

Customer attention is revenue for us. If people are excited about being here and are finding success here, they’re going to want to stay. So the core of Grind is the community and our events are really just support structures for the community. Once a month we try to have educational programs with interesting speakers. We are also about to roll out Alogora on our website, which is going to be an expanded profile of each of our members. That way, once you check-in you can also see other members and some of their skills, attributes and interests to find someone that may be able to help you on a project.

The freelance market is growing, especially in our unstable economy. Do you view your business as  a harbinger of things to come?

Freelance work is the Industrial Revolution of our time and this is here for good. People want to have more control over their lives and their destiny and this is how it’s manifesting. What we are doing here is giving people a tool that can enhance their lives. We are giving them a place to work and a community by collaborating with people around them. One of the things we try to do here is everything else so that you [can] focus on your work.

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