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Sharee Johnson Leading Young People to Jesus

Name: Sharee Johnson

Business:  Youth Leaders Inc.

Title:  Owner and CEO

You prefer to be called “The American Jesus Freak.” Why?

I get asked this question quite often.  Many people think it’s attributed to my eclectic style of dress but it really has to do with my determination to follow Christ. The word ‘freak’ — which alarms many — simply means devoted follower.  I am just that; a devoted follower of Jesus.

What prompted you to start the Youth Leaders Inc. nonprofit organization?

YLI was birthed out of the need for people working with teens to be properly trained and equipped to deal with the day to day issues of urban youth.  I had spent the last fifteen years of my life working with the youth in the church community and I begin to notice that there was little to no training being offered to the leaders who were working with them.  After I created a program at our church other youth groups reached out to me to charter a program at their church or facility.

Why did you launch the girl Power Movement in 2011?

I really wanted to awaken the girl in every woman because I believe that there is a girl in every woman that needs to be renewed, refreshed and revived. The GPM events are designed to allow women to decompress from a long day in a safe atmosphere and receive healing and wholeness. They can then continue conquering all that God has assigned for their hands to do.  The message of Girl Power is an inspirational message to women encouraging them that God has not forgotten about them.

The Journey Complete was your first work of poetry. What will be your next literary work?

My next literary work will be a book aimed at those who work with or aspire to work with youth. This book will teach youth leaders the best ways to relate identify and nurture youth relationships.  This book will be the first of two books scheduled to be released in 2012.

What’s next for you and your companies?  

I’ve spent the last 15 to 17 years of my life working in the local church. … In 2012, I’m aiming to serve the global body by taking the American Jesus Freak movement to the world.


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  1. Tierra Allen on January 30, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    LOVE this! It’s great to see not only women but ministers reaching out to the forgotten generation: youth. God Bless!