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Obama’s Rendition of ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Sends Al Green’s Record Sales Soaring

When Barack Obama sang six bars of Al Green’s classic, “Let’s Stay Together,” at a fundraiser at Harlem’s Apollo Theater, who knew it would send thousands of music lovers to the Internet to purchase a digital copy of the original song?

In the week following the president’s brief rendition of the song, sales of “Let’s Stay Together” jumped 490 percent.

According to Billboard, the song was downloaded 16,000 times in the week ending Jan. 22 — the most downloads recorded for the single since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking downloads in 2003.

Obama’s crooning ability provoked a few other interesting and newsworthy responses as well:

  1. A famous television exec contacted the president to sing on his hit show.
  2. A group of politicians got together to produce their own version of the song.
  3. Al Green weighed in with his opinion the president’s performance.
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