NNPA gala honors Rep. Maxine Waters, travel TV host Kellee Edwards, more at CBC

The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) is the trade association of more than 200 African American-owned community newspapers around the U.S. It was founded 75 years ago, and is still going strong today. Its annual National Leadership Awards Reception, sponsored in part by General Motors, took place during the recent Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 48th Annual […]

Trump impeachment vote will be forced today, says Rep. Al Green

Congressman Al Green, D-Texas, has announced that he intends to bring an impeachment vote against President Donald Trump today. Green will use a rule to allow a privileged motion to bring the vote forward, hr announced on C-SPAN today. The motion will allow him to force a vote in the House within a two-day span […]

Rep. Al Green says he will vote for Trump impeachment by this time

U.S. Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, thundered away at the House podium on Wednesday as he declared his second and more pronounced formal call for Donald Trump’s impeachment. He promised the American people that he would bring the matter to a vote on the House floor sometime before Dec. 25, 2017. “Before Christmas, there will be a vote on the chief […]

Gospel singer Wanda Mo’Net is ‘Driven by Purpose’

Wanda Mo’Net, a true native of Atlanta, is ready for whatever God has for her. Singing since the tender age of three, she has blessed many people with her melodic voice. Wanda states, “I never realized that I could sing, but when I did [sing], people would say that I really blessed them.” Her latest project, Driven […]

Rep. Al Green drafting impeachment papers to oust President Trump

U.S Congressman Al Green, D-Texas, the first legislator to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, notified the media he was working on actually drafting the articles of impeachment. The papers would begin the impeachment process for the sitting president. Green is going through with this despite receiving multiple death threats at both his Houston and […]

Texas congressman threatened with hanging for demanding Trump’s impeachment

Texas Congressman Al Green informed his constituents during a town hall meeting that he’s received death threats for demanding the impeachment of President Donald Trump. This past Saturday, Green, D-Houston, shared some of the more graphic messages and threats that have come into his offices in Houston and Washington, including promises to hang Green, the […]

Woman deals hot grits and a baseball bat to sleeping man

A Maryland woman recently gave a sleeping man a welcome wake up call. Police have charged Alexis Staton with first degree assault for pouring hot grits on a male companion while he was sleeping in her apartment. But Staton was not through with just the grits. When the victim jumped out of bed, she she […]

Turntable Tuesdays: Joe Kollege’s 5 spring and summer classics

Our friend, DJ Joe Kollege, returns to #TurntableTuesdays to bless us with five of his favorite spring and summer jams. Check out his picks. 1. Kool & The Gang – “Summer Madness” This is the perfect summertime song. Here you have a group that is known for it’s funked out R&B songs, flip the script […]

24 new- and old-school videos to get you through ‘no cuffing’ season

  It’s  almost summertime … so you know what that means. Cuffing season is over. For all of those who have been left out to dry, rolling out has your back. We created a mix of new- and old-school videos that you can watch as you get over that the loser that left you because […]

R&B singer Nuke explodes on Detroit stage

During a recent trip to Detroit to check out the music scene, rolling out discovered this up-and-coming artist performing his hit single,”We’re Hangin out Tonight” at UDetroit Cafe. With his Miguel-esque sound, this true R&B singer with an ear for what’s cutting edge is wise beyond his years and one to watch for in the […]

Cee Lo Green, Ne-Yo, Janelle Monae Dominate at New Orleans Jazz Festival

The New Orleans Jazz festival is an event that never fails to deliver. The 2012  Jazz and Heritage Festival may be the best  in the music celebration’s 42-year history. Once here at the New Orleans Race Track, the home of the Jazz Fest you’ll be awed be the sea of activity and venue-after-venue of even […]

Michelle Obama Talks the President’s Singing

President Barack Obama definitely turned heads and gained a slew of new fans when he sang a snippet Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at a Jan. 19 fundraising event in Harlem. But according to Obama’s No. 1 fan, first lady Michelle Obama, her hubby gives private concerts all the time, saying that he frequently serenades […]

Maxwell, Chris Brown, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson: the New vs. Old School

Every era of music features singers who leave an unforgettable mark on their generation. In honor of Black Music Month, we have compiled a list of several musicians who are following in the footsteps of the legends before them. –amir shaw Maxwell vs. Marvin Gaye: Marvin Gaye was the ultimate poet who could make women […]