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Chief Keef to be baptized? 10 stars who found religion

Chicago rapper Chief Keef may have been profoundly affected by his time in juvenile detention. The teenage Interscope Records signee is currently serving 60 days at the state juvenile detention facility in suburban St. Charles, Ill., for violating his probation. Keef, born Keith Cozart, was filmed holding a handgun in the summer of 2012 — a direct violation of his probation.

He was sentenced last month, and it is being reported by the Chicago Sun-Times that the young rapper has experienced a spiritual awakening since losing his freedom. Chicago minister Rev. Corey Brooks says that Keef wants to be baptized once he’s released from juvenile detention.

According to the report, Brooks has been visiting Keef frequently during his stay at the facility.

“I’m going to baptize him,” Brooks says, adamantly. Keef has been at the center of numerous controversies during his relatively-brief career. His violent lyrics have been criticized, he openly mocked the death of another teenage rapper from his hometown, he Instagrammed photos of a young woman performing oral sex and was accused by another woman of fathering a child.

It remains to be seen if all it took was 60 days in juvenile detention to change Keef’s outlook, but here are 10 other stars who unexpectedly found religion while in the midst of successful musical career.

– stereo williams

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