Corvida Raven Founder,

Corvida Raven defies the status quo — and not merely because she rocks
a funky Mohawk. But mainly because she’s often one of the few black
women, in many cases the only, who’s sought out by Fortune 500
companies for her social media and technology expertise. And although
Raven has a degree in computer science, she is largely self-taught and
has built her career through years of trial and error, Google
searching and troubleshooting.
She has such a firm handle on things, being the only girl in the room
doesn’t discourage her. In fact, it drives her. “I do my best to let
my passion [for working] with new technology speak for me. I also make
a point of highlighting and recommending other women — black, white,
Latina and Asian — within my network, because the change starts with
me. Sometimes you have to expose others to the things you’re already
exposed to. That’s what helps you become successful in an office,
boardroom and on the Web,” shares the founder of the popular blog, which highlights the latest in gadgets, social media and
mobile technology.
Raven continues, “When working with major companies you have the
opportunity to work with some really creative, talented and genuinely
good people.”
The Hampton University graduate says she’s inspired by art, literature
and conversations with her godbrother, Torianno, who keeps her focused
on her goals. She adds, “A trip through Architectural Digest or Tumblr
is heaven for me. I read at least three to four books a month,
schedule permitting.”
When presented an opportunity to speak to students, Raven is sure to
convey, “Opportunities in social media are endless. Create and act on
desires. You will at a minimum reach three people who are willing to
help you start a project today.”

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