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Andre Johnson CEO, Detroit Recovery Project


Andre Johnson is president and CEO of the Detroit Recovery Project, a
nonprofit agency that facilitates recovery for those struggling with
addiction. The trials of his early life set the stage for his
passionate involvement in such an endeavor.
“I was born and raised on the lower Eastside of Detroit,” Johnson
recalls. “I would say I’ve had a colorful past and I realized it
wasn’t the life for me.”
Johnson always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. The Morehouse College
graduate smiles at the thought that he’s leading a company whose
influence stretches from Detroit to Kenya. “I’m still young. I’m
grateful to be part of a solution to help the downtrodden [and] those
who are disenfranchised, to be able to help people transform their
lives. That’s what recovery and transformation are about,” he proudly
“Right now, today, I’m a loving father. I’m a businessman. I’m a
student. I have integrity. I love my people and I love empowering
people. I’ve found a comfort level. I’m doing something that I’d do
for free, something that I love.” That “something” is shepherding the
organization he founded into the forefront of Detroit’s assistance
programs, and changing the lives of so many who are affected by
substance abuse and drug addiction.
“When I first started the organization, I had some apprehension. I was
nervous. I was stepping outside my comfort zone. I got a grant for
$300,000, hired five employees and built from there. Now, more than
six years later, we have a $1.5 million budget and we’re funded by
federal, county and city government.” Johnson has traveled a long but
rewarding road, and it’s one that he intends to help other Detroiters
navigate on their path to recovery.