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Was Cocaine Removed From Whitney Houston’s Death Scene? 7 Other Mysterious Deaths

After weeks of waiting, friends, family and fans of Whitney Houston finally learned what many had feared, that cocaine played a major role in her tragic death. But now many are wondering why no cocaine was found at the scene of her death and new reports claim that someone may have cleaned up the scene before paramedics arrived.

In the coroner s report that was released on March 22, the Los Angeles County Coroner s Office said that Whitney used cocaine “immediately prior to her collapse,” but when investigators arrived at her hotel room, no cocaine or other illegal substances were found.

According to TMZ, a source extremely close to the situation claims that the individual who supplied Houston with the cocaine is also the same person who removed it from her room. Previous reports also claim that other items were removed from Houston s room as well, including bed sheets.

Beverly Hills Police are continuing their investigation into Houston s death, but would not comment on the topic of evidence tampering.

Now, the question remains, who is this alleged person who supplied Houston with her drugs and why would they remove cocaine from her room. Hopefully, we ll all find out the answer in the near future. Until then, check out some other mysterious deaths below. – nicholas robinson


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