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John Legend and Keri Hilson Discuss the Importance of Education at Teach For America’s Promise Night

Education disparities continue to be a major issue for inner schools across the nation. Teach For America seeks to even the educational playing field by hiring the brightest individuals and training them to become teachers in struggling schools. John Legend and Keri Hilson were on hand at  Teach For America’s “Promise Night” to raise awareness and encourage others to support the initiative.

Before the event, Keri Hilson spoke with rolling out magazine about Teach For America and revealed why she’s closely involved with the organization. –amir shaw

Why was it important for you to be a part of Teach For America’s “Promise Night”?

I thought it was an honor to be apart of this event because there are a lot of people in my family who are educators. Anything that has to do with children in education and making education better in low income communities, I’m there to support it.

Do you personally know of a friend or relative that has been apart of the Teach For America program? 

I know someone that works for Teach For America. I know a few people who are getting degrees in education. Two of my sisters will be getting a degree in education. One will graduate this year and the other will graduate next year. They’re very excited about it. They want to lend a helping hand. It’s important for people who are passionate about this initiative to get involved.

If you were a teacher, which grade would you teach?

If I were a teacher, I would probably get them young. First or second grade. That’s when they’re so eager to learn. My mother owns a daycare center and I’ve been around that age group my entire life. They are so sponge like at that age. So If I were a teacher, I would teach at that level.

 What advice do you have for high school and college grads who are considering teaching as an occupation?

My advice for future teachers, I would say look up Teach For America. It’s going to give you a great opportunity to fulfill what you are passionate about

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