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Metta World Peace and Other Crazy or Mentally Challenged Athletes

You knew that there were some screws floating around his colossal cranium when, seven years ago, Ron Artest tried to pummel the very people (the fans) who finances his multimillion dollar, 5-star lifestyle during the infamous brawl in suburban Detroit.

Before that, Artest, aka Metta World Peace, prolonged the first Michael Jordan comeback in the 1990s when he cracked MJ’s ribs in a pickup game. And something tells me that is happened similar to his purposeful knock to James Harden’s noggin via a vicious elbow in the L.A. Lakers battle against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday, April 22. And then when Metta thanked his shrink when the Lakers won the NBA Championship a couple of years ago, it was indisputable and incontrivertible: Metta is out there.

Unfortunately, he is not alone. Fortunately, the stigma attached to mentally-challenged people has receded and others are coming out publicly to enunciate their psychological problems with the hopes that solutions to this can be found.

Below are other athletes we know ranged from “different” to “eccentric” to downright crazy.

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