He Doesn’t Play Sports

If the rap game was a sport, Ye would fall somewhere between Wilt Chamberlain and Metta World Peace. He never fails at scoring bangers, but whoever is in the crosshairs of his temper, will catch the fade. Kim’s only used to pretending to be interested in sports, imagine if she was forced to attend one of his concerts.

  • Guestie

    This list was fun but in all honesty we could list ten reasons why any of us won’t make it.
    Honestly I wish them well. If they happy then I’m happy…as long as she don’t try to sing. haha

    And also what does Beyonce have to do with it? She probably could care less who Kanye is schtooping and we could care less what she thinks about it. She’s a great entertainer but no one gives a shyt about her opinion on such things and don’t seek her approval for anything but dance steps.