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Suge Knight Outs Dr. Dre, Says Tupac Confronted Him About Being Gay


Even in death Tupac Shakur can’t escape headlines — especially at the hands of his ex-Death Row leader, Suge Knight. Just a few weeks ago Knight threatened to “beat the dog s— out” of rapper Rick Ross for working with Diddy, the man he believes is responsible for the untimely death of the West Coast emcee. “If you’re gonna be with the guy [Diddy] who killed Tupac, you can’t go turn around and do a record [called] ‘Tupac Back.’ Rick Ross is a grown a– n—-,” he said. “I’ll beat the dog s— out of Rick Ross for manipulating these people out here.”

And whether Knight truly believes that claim or is just trying to rustle up controversy, still remains to be seen. Now however, he’s fixated on a new target, Dr Dre. Dre, whose lucrative Monster headphones line has pushed him back into relevancy, is being called out as a closet homosexual by his old friend and Death Row head honcho.

“Ninety five percent [of rappers] is closet cases. I know the ones … on our labels who’s like that,” said Knight during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. “I’m saying he’s gay because there is a guy named Bruce, he’s been sleeping with a for years,” he added.

According to the former label head, even Tupac knew about Dre’s sexuality and confronted him about it leading to a seedy back and forth conversation that Suge of course remembers word for word.

“Tupac said ‘I’m tired of this [meeting]. Dre you is a f—–,” said Knight. He then added that Dr Dre’s response was, “First of all I’m not a f—–… I’m not homosexual. If I wanna pound some butt, I can do a woman. I’m bisexual.”

Knight, who’s been desperate for relevancy by recalling situations of the 90s then ended the interview with a personal message to his ex Death Row comrade, “Dre you is a f—–.”

Hopefully Knight’s latest cry for attention helps him deter feelings of inadequacy. The ex-Death Row head label was ripped away from him after filing for bankruptcy, much like several of his personal items that have been sold on reality shows and at auction. -danielle canada



  1. mack davis on May 13, 2014 at 6:28 am

    Who knows suge could be making this shit up smh

  2. know me on December 15, 2014 at 2:14 am

    if you new anything about Pacs music you would know that twice tupac calls dre gay .To live an die in L.A at the end of the unedited version and you can find the other for yourself bish

  3. know me on December 15, 2014 at 2:21 am

    even Eazy E said dre was gay