Beyoncé and Oprah Help Make a New Mother’s Day Reality

Beyoncé and Oprah Help Make a New Mother's Day Reality

Mother’s Day is more than a permanent reality show you see. I am encouraged by the idea of what is happening to Beyonce to this day. Maybe the fact that she is a doting, caring, nurturing woman of great maternal instinct and Blue Ivy is the light of her eye is all we need to say. I am impressed and encouraged by the mothers of the day.

Michelle Obama is queenly, stately, intelligent, dynamic, revered, sophisticated and represents supremely the perception of black women of the current day. There are her achievements which span heights that have never been scaled before, and the two precious daughters, Sasha and Malia and who we have come to adore.

 But being a good — even an exceptional mother — is also a testament to the men they have chosen to co-parent their precious charges with. They considered the attributes that a potential mate would bring, his role in a child’s life, and they defied the myth. Both the first lady and Beyonce are shining examples of black mothers — both present and past — making family and children both first and last. And be it known that these images are not in contrast, to all of the mothers who are so adept in the roles they have been cast.

There are also women who take the condition of motherhood, and expand it in meaning and reach to help usher others into adulthood. Oprah Winfrey through her gifts of enlightenment and school endowments fosters communities of children whom she urges toward academic achievement and profound personal development. The millions of dollars she’s given to Morehouse, so that these men — her sons — will eventually become responsible providers and a future mother’s loving spouse. Thanks to her these young titans will matriculate, and become contributing members of society, an objective Oprah often articulates.

We also need to think of the mothers who extend themselves and adopt children, or foster them in their homes, to care for them and keep them in their own personal safety zones. Yes, these mothers may not give birth, but they give birth to ideas and the possibilities of each child’s divinity and worth.

These circumstances transcend conventional defines, as they sacrifice and suffer to prevent a child’s demise. The invisible tethers that bind, keep these women first and foremost in a child’s mind.

Yes, this motherhood is a full-time reality show you see, with reality and not theatrics being the optimal key. This is no crazy display of women behaving badly for tv, and it’s not a dress rehearsal for these desperate want-to-bes. No this a real-lfe depiction of what a mother has to do and go through. These are women who are mothers when the camera’s are off and the lights have dimmed, they continue to be committed caretakers to the very end.

Mothers like Beyonce, and Jill Scott and Mariah Carey too, mother’s who remain passionate, tried and true. Motherhood is the role of a life time for a woman who, entertains millions but always with an eye on Baby Blue. These accomplished women call on us to be the best that we can, and rise to the occasion and the situation demands.

We don’t deny that some mothers don’t live their lives in a positive and productive way, which is why we showcase the mothers who won’t allow their children to be lead astray. Michelle Obama’s daughters will pause with caution and ask “What would mother say?” And Bey’s baby will find that her young life will be mostly child’s play. Those spiritual seeds will grow into important reminders of how they must live what they must do, they surely will want to be like her too.

Like on Sunday mornings, dressed in her Sunday best, and rushing the kids to ready for church, to worship and pray and make sure they are blessed.

A prayer that she’s prayed since they left the womb and drew their first breath.

Each of the mothers we’ve reflected on here, is just a small sampling of the many we hold dear. Mother’s work and struggle, and rejoice when you win, and at the end of each day, they start the cycle all over again. So be careful not to add to her chagrin, consider what it’s like to be where she has been. And think of the times that you didn’t fall, because mother came running when she got the call.

And for those who find themselves depressed on Mother’s Day, she may be gone, but she is not too far away. You know she promised to always be with you, and to this promise she will always be true. Know that when you feel joy and break into a smile, she feels it too and holds onto it for a while. Feel your mother within and acknowledge that comfort with a grin. She still walks spiritually in and around and genetically through you. So tear not your face, and open your heart to those memories you work so hard not to erase.  Those moments with Mother are so dear.

So for all of you who admire the mothers I have mentioned and referenced here, know that to be more like them is to endure and endear. So to Oprah, Coretta and Whitney now gone, we know that you are forces your children can still call upon. Mother’s can hear you when you think no one can, and mothers are a gift to every woman child and man.

So this Mother’s day, give yours a kiss and hug, or write handwritten letter will do. But make sure you do something sweet for your mother, because she’s done so much for you.

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