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‘Snow White and the Huntsman’: Movie Review

Stars: Kristin Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron

Studio: Universal Studios

Remember the children’s literature standby — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Brothers Grimm tale that was adapted for film by Walt Disney in 1937? While even that version begins with a tragedy and has a fair amount of drama — a mother who dies in childbirth, a venal, vain and homicidal stepmother … wait that’s a fairy tale? For children? Anyway, that is the gist of the story, but Snow White & the Huntsman colors way outside the confines of the original “fairy” tale.

Maybe this Snow White is what the Brothers Grimm really envisioned. Charlize Theron, in a deliciously wicked performance, plays the fabled evil queen who wants to banish Princess Snow White from the kindgdom so that she can truly be the fairest of them all. Call us jaded, but the queen is a whole lot more interesting than the sweet-faced princess (Kristin Stewart). Adding to the tension is the imposing Hunstman (Aussie Chris Hemsworth). Two words for Hemswoth: rescue me. –p.d. lee