1.) Isiah Thomas was snubbed by more than just Michael Jordan:

Before we can even step onto the court, we have to address the controversy surrounding the obvious snub of point guard Isiah Thomas, the Hall of Famer and two-time NBA champion for the Detroit Pistons. No basketball purist or casual fan will ever question the fact that Thomas, one of the best point guards ever, deserved to be a member of the Dream Team.

But it wasn’t just about the hatred between Thomas and Michael Jordan. As we know from Magic Johnson’s recently released book and this documentary, Thomas’ conspicuous absence was orchestrated from multiple fronts. Often called “angel face” and “baby face” because of his youthful appearance and good looks, Thomas’ smile masked a ruthlessness that rivaled Jordan’s, but his bloodthirstiness rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Scottie Pippen probably summed up everyone’s sentiments when he offered: “No I did not want him on the Dream Team.”

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