Glam Luxe Hair Extensions: High-End Hair Weave

Glam Luxe Hair Extensions in Chicago. Shown: Joe, the manager. Photo: Safiya Ellis.
Glam Luxe Hair Extensions in Chicago. Shown: Joe Stovall, the manager. Photo: Safiya Ellis.

Glam Luxe Hair Extensions: High-End Hair Weave

Have you ever had a bad weave?  Glam Luxe Hair Extensions, located in Chicago, is a business where women no longer have to worry about their extensions tangling, or simply looking “nappy.”

From Virgin Indian weave to the 40-inch Virgin Brazilian hair, Glam Luxe carries it.

VH-1’s reality star Jennifer Williams can attest as Glam Luxe’s new spokesperson, and also as a personal user of the product, although “Jennifer doesn’t like people to know she wears hair extensions,” Joe Stovall, manager of Glam Luxe Extensions laughs.

Jennifer Williams, who also has naturally long hair, is the spokesmodel for Glam Luxe.

Joe’s honesty — and customer service policy— is something most hair companies  lack.

“We like to be honest … we carry the most reputable hair, and we do take the hair back and we will replace it.” Joe’s honesty is something most hair companies tend to lack. The promise to ensure great service is what keeps their clientele rolling in.

Glam Luxe currently has three stylists, and has plans to expand the business. Moving and expanding give opportunities to the stylists that have reached out about joining team Glam Luxe.

Rolling out got a sneak peek at the blueprint for the new location and it’s going to be hot. While taking a mini tour around the beautifully designed Glam Luxe salon we got the impression that extensions will be taken to the next level.

Paying $200, $300 once a year on hair extensions saves money, time, and energy. Going to the hair salon every two weeks can add up to thousands of dollars a year.

Where did the idea come from to start Glam Luxe Extension?  “My cousin was living in LA, and she was wearing clip-ins. The hair that was available for clip-ins at the time was beauty supply hair, it wasn’t good hair, and it wasn’t like a virgin hair.” Having a high quality-grade of hair is always important.

Kenya Bell's bad weave.

Here we have VH1’s reality star Kenya Bell with a prime example of why the grade of hair is important. If the hair is not a virgin hair the extensions will begin to tangle, and give you that frizzy and unpleasant look.

Prices range from $179 to $271. The price of the sew-ins starts at $350.  These extensions are long-lasting, can be colored, washed, reused, and rarely shed.

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