7 Fashion Trends That Must End. Now.

7 Fashion Trends That Must End. Now.

Nowadays, people are taking fashion don’ts to a new level.

From reality star Snookie and her Coach bag to Miley Cyrus in her cheetah print leggings, youth, adults and even the elderly have got to pull it together!

No more Gucci-print shirts with the matching belt, shoes and coin pouch. The word “retirement” must come into play at some point. Don’t get me wrong, I wore plaid five years ago, but then again that was five years ago.

For example, the Jeffrey Campbell Lita heel. This was a heel that could be put together with many outfits, and thanks to the women who overdo every fashion trend, these are officially in the retirement home.

Here is a list of seven fashion don’ts; ladies with the pointy nails, all I can say is please, stop! Feathered eyelashes? No. If you are not from the dirty South, a Lil’ Jon grill should not be in your mouth. Thunder bolt earrings? Why was this even invented? Women wearing clothes that are baggier than men’s clothes; colored contact lenses — I shouldn’t have to say why — and rumor has it that people are trying to bring NBA jerseys back!

7 Fashion Trends That Must End. Now.

The world would officially be over if this epidemic ever occurs again.

I know had badly we want these nasty trends to work, but unfortunately, fashion is going in a different direction — steering directly away from these particular fashion trends.

Although in the past some of these trends have been done correctly, we are now in a place where it is over and done, so do yourself a favor and choose your prints wisely, have peer review before leaving the house, and use references to be successful with the daring fashion strategy.

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