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Lil Scrappy Talks Momma Dee’s Pimping Past: 4 Other Famous Hip-Hop Pimps

On VH1’s new hit series “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta,” breakout star Momma Dee, the scrappy mother of rapper Lil Scrappy, makes no apologies for her former life of crime,in which she pimped women on the streets of Atlanta to support her beloved children. And in Scrappy’s recent interview with MTV’s “RapFix Live,” Scrappy recalled his mother’s gritty street hustle to provide for her family.

“Mom dukes was layin’ it down hard back in the day when I was coming up,” Lil Scrappy said. He then recalled a time when one of Momma Dee’s prostitutes left her to work for a rival pimp. When his mother finally met up with her ex-worker, violence broke out and a young Scrappy, unfortunately, witnessed it all.

“My mama caught her slippin’ in traffic and bust her across the head with a crowbar,” explained Scrappy. “That crowbar was stuck in her head and she was sittin’ there shakin.’”

Of course, the incident had quite a traumatic effect on Scrappy at the time, as well as several other awful events that he witnessed. But Scrappy now laughs it all off with an uneasy grin and says that he holds no grudges against his mother for the past.

“I had to sleep in a room with mom dukes, and my little sister because all the whores was using the rooms to do their thing,” he said. “But at the end of the day, mom took care of home. Me and my sister ain’t never had to hurt for nothing.’”

And that’s exactly how Momma Dee herself recalled her pimp lifestyle when she recently sat down for an interview on Kandi Burruss’ “Kandi Koated Nights.” Momma Dee explained that she began pimping after she was in a car accident that left her unable to work.

“I snatched up two hoes at the time and then … I’m a pimp by blood but no relation, you heard me. I was taught by older pimps!” explained Momma Dee. “They were like, ‘Is this what you want’? I said, ‘Yeah, hell I want it.’  He said, ‘Well watch’ and I watched how they treated women and how they would go into strip joints and how they played them.

“So I said, ‘oh this is a mind thing.’ When you get in the head, the tail is going to follow. So at the end of the day, I just paid attention. I was a good pupil, so when I got out there it was on,” Momma Dee added. “I make no apologies, no excuses to no one. I fed my kids. I didn’t go and take, they gave.”

And Momma Dee isn’t he only star in hip-hop to work in the world of pimping. Check out some other famous hip-hop pimps and prostitutes below.

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