Nicki Minaj Weighs In on Drake and Chris Brown’s Brawl

In the wake of the Chris Brown and Drake bottle-throwing brawl earlier this month, the media, fans and artists alike have all offered their opinions about the beef between the two young stars. But now Nicki Minaj, who’s no stranger to beefs herself, is finally weighing in on the what went on between her Young Money brethren and Brown.

“Young Money till the death of me,” Minaj said about the brawl to radio personality Tim Westwood. “I don’t approve of talented people doing things that … [they] aren’t conducive to an amazing career.”

Though Minaj denies that Drake had anything to do with the brawl that happened at W.i.P. nightclub, she explained that she did have a serious conversation with Drake about what happened and how he should move forward.

“I spoke to Drake and I told him from the bottom of my heart how I felt,”she disclosed. “I’m like, ‘Baby, you are a superstar and I need you to realize that.’ He did nothing wrong, of course, and rumors are rumors and that’s what it is, but I told him it’s time to remember who you are.”

And Minaj isn’t the only one who’s weighed in on the brawl. Check out some other artist’s thoughts on the fight below. – nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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