George Zimmerman Has No Regrets, Says Shooting Trayvon Martin Was ‘All God’s Plan’

George Zimmerman Has No Regrets, Says Shooting Trayvon Martin Was 'All God's Plan'

Zimmerman Gives First Televised Interview 

The man who admitted to killing an unarmed 17-year-old spoke for the first time on live television Wednesday in a bizarre interview. George Zimmerman, who contends that he fatally shot Trayvon Martin in an act of self-defense, appeared on FOX News (surprise, surprise) to tell his side of the story that has drawn national attention. Speaking with Sean Hannity, the admitted killer and his attorney discussed that fateful February night when Martin’s life came to a violent end.

According to Zimmerman, Martin approached him and asked, “what’s your f—– problem” before punching him in the face and breaking his nose. He then somehow pushed him to the ground and began to bang his head into concrete. “He asked me what my [f—ing] problem was. I was wearing my green jacket, and I put my cellphone in it as opposed to my jean’s pocket. I was reaching down to call 911 again, and that’s when he punched me.”

When asked if the teen had spoken while the assault was happening Zimmerman responded, “Yes, he was cursing, telling me to shut up and then telling me he was going to kill me.”

He was then asked if he had any regrets about the situation to which he responded, “No sir.”

“Do you regret having a gun?” asked Hannity.

“No, sir. I feel as though it was all in God’s plan,” Zimmerman responded.

 Wearing an almost boyish grin at times, Zimmerman praised the FOX News host for not rushing to judgement about him, unlike much of the public who can make a “remotely positive” story negative, which begs the question; since when is a story about the death of black teen “positive?”
“It’s surreal,” said Zimmerman. “I don’t like that they’ve [the public] rushed to justice the way they have. I feel like that anytime they have a story that’s remotely positive, they make it negative,”  added the obviously deranged former inmate.
He would later ask for an apology from black figureheads like Spike Lee and the Rev. Al Sharpton who’ve spoken out on the case, “I can’t guess what their motives are,” he said.” I would just ask for an apology. If I did something wrong, I’d ask for an apology.”
George Zimmerman Has No Regrets, Says Shooting Trayvon Martin Was 'All God's Plan'

When asked what he would tell the teen’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Zimmerman had these words; “I’m sorry.” He also added that he would be open to speaking with them about the night of the shooting.”I can’t imagine what it must feel like. And I pray for them daily.”

Since last night’s interview, both of Trayvon’s parents have spoken out, the first being the teen’s dad Tracy Martin. “We must worship a different God, because there’s no way MY God would have wanted GZ to murder my teenage son,” said Martin to the Associated Press. “To ask us if we will forgive a guy who doesn’t even regret taking our son’s life is just to much to ask right now,” he added.

Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton has since appeared on the “Today” show where she was asked to give her reaction to Zimmerman’s interview.”I don’t believe that’s God’s plan, for him to kill an innocent teenager,” she said. Adding that the notion was “ridiculous,” Fulton responded “absolutely not” when asked if she would willing to meet with her son’s killer.

This is the second time Zimmerman has made headlines this week. On Tuesday, a woman only identified as witness 9, accused him of molesting her for 10 years during her childhood.

Check out Zimemrman’s interview with Sean Hannity below. –danielle canada

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