What are your responsibilities within the Naked Black Justice campaign?

I am the sole conceptual creator of this project. I photographed every person, painted every saying and documented every segment of video footage.

Have you been a victim of racial stereotypes?

I have been faced with those who try to put me in a certain category simply based on my race. I find that it’s one of those situations of … “You’re black, so clearly you’re ignorant, or you didn’t attend college or you probably have a felony on your record.” When the truth of the matter is I have a college degree, I am a business owner, I’m very intelligent and I don’t have any type of criminal history at all.

What inspires you?

All things around me … be it music, fashion, individuals, wild life…you name it….I can probably draw some sort of inspiration.

The Naked Black Justice Campaign is currently accepting contributions starting at just $1  to promote a major city exhibition tour along with financing the Naked Black Justice Documentary Series that is currently in production. Contributions can be made at www.indiegogo.com/nakedblackjustice. Naked Justice is on Facebook.