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Chris Brown and Rihanna Spotted? Does Nicki Minaj Have a New Man?

Has Nicki Minaj wooed another pop star? Are Rihanna and Chris Brown officially back together?

The French Riviera was definitely the place to be for celebrity fun in the sun this weekend. As Rihanna was spotted having a great deal of fun on Magic Johnson’s yacht with her friends, Chris Brown landed in St. Tropez with rapper Ludacris. Within an hour of announcing his arrival via Instagram, Rihanna had tweeted, “Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit.”

Did we mention the fact that Karrueche hasn’t been in sight fpr almost a week, and all of her pictures have been deleted from Chris Brown’s Instagram.  The week has just begun, so who knows what can happen between the two!

Meanwhile, does Nicki Minaj have a new man?

British pop star, Oritse Williams of JLS has revelaed that he has been on a mission to woo the feisty US rapper since last year and after Ortise met up with Nicki Minaj p in London at Wireless Festival although he was not scheduled to perform.  Oritse Williams revealed he has talked her into a date.  Take a look at a few quotes from the popstar below.

“And I’ve just come to see Nicki Minaj. She’s sexy. I tried to hit her up on twitter. I was trying to say, ‘I’m coming down Nicki and the swag is gonna be extra tight, you know what I’m saying?’

“She said, ‘Well Oritse, I’m gonna see you backstage honey.’

“I said ‘What’s going on Nicki? I’m gonna see you later on and if you’ve got something to do I’d cancel your plans ‘cuz I’m making new ones.’”

Take a look at pictures of Chris Brown and Rihanna in St. Tropez and Nicki Minaj and her new interest, Oritse Williams.

What do you guys think? Is it time for Nicki to say goodbye to SB?  Would you like to see Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together?