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Entertainment » Red Bull Hosts North American Break-Dancing Competition

Red Bull Hosts North American Break-Dancing Competition

What does it take to be the No. 1  break-dancer in the world?

Beyond the intangibles of dedication, faith, and perseverance, every breaker needs a platform to showcase their talent.

Energy drink company Red Bull hosted the North American qualifying tournament at the Aragon Ballroom for their international break-dancing competition scheduled to be held in Rio de Janeiro later this year.

Spirits were high and the competition was intense as 16 of the best B-boys from across America transformed into break-dancing gladiators all vying for the chance to represent not only their city but their continent at one of the most competitive and prestigious break-dancing events.

The competition was broadcast live via YouTube for the world to see.

“Man it’s so hot in here with the bright lights and the floor is so sticky,” recalled hometown hero and crowd favorite Evol, who went all the way to the quarterfinals and lost in a close battle to Sacramento, Calif.,  B-boy VILLN. “My style is really acrobatic but I think I overcame it and I battled the conditions pretty well. I thought I won, the judges thought differently, but it is what it is,” Evol says.

A panel of three judges including Ronnie, former 2007 BC One champion; Machine, a member of Rockforce and Zulu Kings break crew; and Float, from Incredible Breakers, determined for four rounds the dancer who dominated in technique, character, creativity and style.

DomKey of Lions of Zion crew was the final victor and will represent North America in the world competition this winter.