The 5 Hairstyles Black Men Hate!

The 5 Hairstyles Black Men Hate!
Sorry Janet, men HATE the box braids!

Are you rocking the box braids or corn rolls straight to the back?

Well, the survey says that these are among the hairstyles that black men H-A-T-E to see on a woman, and we’ve got proof.

Rolling out asked our male Facebook friends one question: “What are the five hairstyles that you hate?” Responses ranged from thoughtful to hilarious, to, as one black man told us: “I don’t ever want to encounter a women rocking any hairstyle that I would!” Yet another said, “I love a woman with a shaved head. So very bold and sexual.”

Here is a rundown of the hairstyles that black men hate.

The 5 Hairstyles Men Hate

The 5 Hairstyles Black Men Hate!
The 5 hairstyles black men hate: The Baby Ponytail

5. The Baby Ponytail

The most consistent response is what the men called “a baby pony tail!”  You can imagine our state of confusion. When we asked the Brothers to elaborate, we were informed that a “baby ponytail” is a slicked-back, everyday ponytail that is no longer than three inches.

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