The 5 Hairstyles Black Men Hate!

The 5 Hairstyles Black Men Hate!
The 5 hairstyles black men Hate: The Do-It-Yourself Lacefront.

1. The Lacefront Wig

The number one most hated hairstyle is the do-it-yourself Lacefront Wig. “I just hate when I can see that thing at the top of their forehead, I’m like, what is that?,” says one Brother.

We believe that he’s referring to the tell-tale lace at the front the wig! For a lacefront to be worn properly, the edges of the hair must be securely slicked down or shaved off, and most sisters do not want to shave their hair. The end result is puckering, crooked, unsecured glue in the front of the hair.

Now ladies remember this came straight from the horses’ mouths, so before leaving the beauty shop let’s just think twice before going for that “edgy look.”

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