‘L.A. Hair’s’ Angela Stevens Talks How to Look Like a Star and Red Carpet Tips

'L.A. Hair's' Angela Stevens Talks How to Look Like a Star and Red Carpet Tips

Even though WE tv’s “L.A. Hair” has wrapped its first season, celebrity hair stylist Angela Stevens is still on top of things and offering tips on how you can look like a star and always be red carpet ready. –yvette caslin

How do you stay abreast of trends and styles that makes one look beautiful and unforgettable?
Kim Kimble taught me the most valuable resource when searching for trends and new styles: European magazines. Her research tactics were so beneficial because I looked for silhouettes and shape that had yet to come to the States. I find several hair cutting and color techniques from Italy and Paris as well as the latest high fashion runway shows.

What are the first steps in creating an image for celebrites who depend on you to create a signature, famous look?
The first thing is to consult with the client and see how open they are to changes in length, texture and color. Then, it’s important to have a variety of suggestions so the client can have options to choose from. Visual aids and photo references are also very helpful in the first steps to creating a new look.

What celebrity hairstyles do people request the most?
The Ombré trend, big curly hair, and super long, jet-black [hair] seem to be the most requested styles.

What role does color play in giving a special look to the person?
Color, oftentimes, makes a women look younger, more vibrant, and vibes with the season. It is the main way women can express themselves through their hair color and the variations are ever changing.

Please share what blonde hair color can do for a person and who can wear it easily. Are there hair colors that should be considered for certain seasons?
The key to wearing blonde is to find the right tone for your skin complexion. Toning blonde will make or break the look. Also, some people look better with dark roots so the blonde doesn’t look too bright and overbearing. My favorite technique is to add dimension, meaning adding high and lowlights. For new blonde wearers, highlights are the best segway before coloring the entire head of hair.

What criteria do you use to ensure your celebrity client has the best hair and make-up team?
I think consistency is key when working with an artist. I celebrate talent and beauty, most of all pushing the envelope, so big ups to all the industry hair and makeup teams.

How do you put a glam squad together?
Trial-and-error is the best teacher. Usually creative directors get referrals or search for new talent based on a stylist’s portfolio. Lastly, it’s about the chemistry of the team and client.

What are the dos and dont’s and best practices when creating a celebrity’s award-winning hairstyle?
Learn the client and their personality. Also. don’t give too many opinions about an area that doesn’t apply to you unless you’ve been asked. Although the overall look is a collaboration, each person should stay in their own lane.

What should anyone going to an award show learn from their experience with you?
I try to put my best foot forward on each job, as a newbie in the industry, I’m still watching and learning the climate on each job to make sure I make the best impression and build a great relationship. I’m also very meticulous but fast on my feet.

What expectations should they have as far as cost and time? 
Cost and time vary based on prepping and desired look. I’ve been told I work very quickly.

What have been some of your best celebrities and business projects to work your hair magic?
I just worked with Melanie Amaro for her album packaging; it was a really fun job and she looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I also styled for my first stage play with Garcelle Beavuais; it’s titled Suddenly Single. Working backstage is a much faster pace; it gave me a rush.

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