HR Executive Ivan Crosling Breaks the Code to Help You Network Your Way to Employment

HR Executive Ivan Crosling Breaks the Code to Help You Network Your Way to Employment

Ivan Crosling is the first to admit that volunteering pays off.  The association director of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources proved he had the necessary leadership skills and talents to lead the organization. Having a strong background in human resources with a specialty in diversity awareness and recruitment and placement and training, customer relationship management, and business development, Crosling now works for the organization full time.

He confirms it’s his responsibility to “create a comfortable platform and environment for HR professionals to network, develop personally and professionally, as well as link and share resources, ideas and best practices.”  In doing so, he is responsible for the daily administrative operations of the organization as well as business development, project management, building and maintaining relationships with their national partners and fundraising.

Here, Crosling shares the benefits of joining NAAAHR, keys to networking and how to use social media effectively. –yvette caslin

What are the benefits of being an affiliate or member of this organization?

  • Building your own national network of Human Resources professions
  • Participate in local, regional and national meetings designed to help you improve your skills
  • Free or discounted services from a few of our partners such as The Law Offices of Ford & Harrison, Budget/Avis Rental Car, Career Connections, etc.
  • Discounted registration fees at nationally sponsored events and activities
  • Connected to a network of over 7,000 HR professionals nationally

I know this is an organization for human resources professionals but are there any benefits for job seekers?

Yes, I tell people if you don’t have a professional recruiter in your circle, your circle is not complete. Professional job seekers, no matter what the area, can become members, volunteer their time by utilizing their craft, get noticed and get employed. Networking with recruiters is essential in this job market. Also, our job board “Career Connections” is a great place to post create post your resume, seek current job opportunities, and create alerts for new job opportunities.

How important is social media in your job search? I.e., what are the benefits? How can it hurt your chances?

If used correctly, social media can be your big ticket in the door to employment. Many recruiters are turning to social media to recruit, network, find talent and bring that talent into their organizations. Be aware they see everything on the web about you. I encourage people to Google themselves and see what comes up. If you don’t want them to see it, don’t post it.

LinkedIn is a great site for professional networking. I personally use it for professional use only. I don’t have a Facebook page, but I encourage other to use Facebook for your family and friends, and if you must post everything, utilize the few restrictions offered on Facebook.

Provide three keys to networking your way to employment.

  • Join professional & community organizations to increase your network and skills (volunteer)
  • Seek mentors or sponsors to hone your skills and expand your networking circle
  • Keep records of your networking, follow up on a regular basis
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