Facing Cutbacks at Work? 3 Keys for Plan B

Facing cutbacks at work? 3 Survival Strategies. Photo: still from the film "Revolver."
Facing cutbacks at work? Three survival atrategies. Photo: still from the film, Revolver.

Facing Cutbacks at Work? 3 Keys for Plan B

Hollywood teaches that if you dress up, do the grunge work and completely allow your personal life to be consumed by your work life, one fine Monday, the CEO is going to swoop by your cubicle and give you that promotion you deserve.

So, how is it going? Perhaps your workload has tripled; your boss intends to replace you with the free intern; and on top of that, you’re forced to play mind games with your shifty supervisor who seems to thrive on passing the buck and setting you up.

You can’t control market shifts or internal company-isms that may impact your advancement (i.e., nepotism, favoritism, ageism, racism, sexism, crazy-ism), however, you can control your options with the right game plan.

If you’re facing cutbacks, here are three strategies, books and movies to help you get create a plan B.

The 3 Keys to Plan B

Facing Cutbacks at work? The book, "Snakes in Suits," reveals the psychopaths at work. "Working Girl," is a great film about office politics.
Facing Cutbacks at work? The book, Snakes in Suits, reveals the psychopaths at work, and how to protect yourself. Working Girl is a great film about office politics.

1. Adjust your attitude.  

So, let’s say the boss is a louse. So what? She or he is still your boss. Remain positive and professional, no matter what is happening around you. Do not disrespect your boss with lengthy e-mail rants. Do not engage in conversations with others about the business. Keep your mouth shut and your head up. There may be cutbacks, but if you play your cards right, you’ll exit with a stellar recommendation.

Book: Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work by Dr. Robert Hare and Paul Babiak, Ph.D.

Movie: Working Girl

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