Halle Berry: The Black Millionaire Blueprint for Success

Halle Berry: The Black Millionaire Blueprint for Success

The overwhelming majority of the media’s focus has been furiously, anxiously and relentlessly aimed at Halle Berry’s beautiful visage. The mounds of stories and cover stories about the flawless caramel-coated beauty have effectively obscured a simple fact about this Cleveland-born and bred beauty queen: She is a self-made multimillionaire and blazed her path own path to international prominence and admiration.

Despite her magnificent physical presence that helped her come in second in the Miss USA Pageant and win the Miss World Beauty Pageant, she never felt she was too cute to get dirty and grungy for a role, Ebony magazine said. Legend has it that Berry refused to bathe for several days before finally getting the breakthrough role of a hapless, listless crack addict who share the screen with two other meteorically-rising stars, Wesley Snipes and award-winner Samuel L. Jackson, in Spike Lee’s gritty Jungle FeverHalle Berry: The Black Millionaire Blueprint for Success

While questions from some fans have focused on her level of acting ability, they forget that she helped create and then starred in the projects that helped her win an Emmy, a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild)Award and an NAACP Image Award. And most of all, Berry became the first and only African American actress in the history of Hollywood to win the coveted Academy Award. Furthermore, she is by far the richest black woman in Tinseltown and one of the highest paid actresses in the game today, celebrityworth.com reports.

Despite all the success and drooling over this pulchritrudinous woman, Berry remains an enigmatic figure in our midst.

In recent years, that success has been like a golden prison for which she is trapped within and seeks refuge from. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at the 46-year-old and perhaps to get a peek into what made her successful in the first place

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