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Keyshia Cole: Black millionaire blueprint for success

How many of us can be so bold as R&B songstress Keyshia Cole, a person so possessed with the belief that she was going to become a singing star. But when she caught her boyfriend cheating on her one day, she hopped into her car and drove from the Bay to L.A. In the middle of the night – without looking back.

It was that move – and not the fact that she got signed to a solo recording contract a few months later after arriving in Los Angeles – that gave birth to her dreams, definition to the vision in her soul and set the stage for her a famous multimillionaire singing star.

Let’s take a quick look back at the life of singer Keyshia Cole.

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  1. Ginger on November 26, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Good for her. Just don’t call her “black” tho. According to her, she’s not black. She’s “biracial”… although she doesn’t even know WHO her father is, nor does she know his race.
    Self-hating or wishful thinking, I guess.