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Gabby Douglas and Other Black Athletes Who Recently Endured Racism

LeBron James

NBA star LeBron James faced scrutiny after choosing to sign with the Miami Heat two years ago. James revealed how he was heckled on Twitter. Ryan Outrich tweeted, “@kingjames u r a big nosed big lipped bug eyed n—r. ur greedy, u try to hide ur ghettoness.”

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1 Comment

  1. zobop republic on August 28, 2012 at 11:43 am

    It just goes to show you, you have to have nerves of steel to be Black in this world. White people don’t need to worry what Black people think of them, even when whites have low self-esteem.
    Black people have to have self-esteem made of teflon and the only way to get SELF-ESTEEM is to accomplish/achieve something in life while white’s, or anyone else, is trying to tear you down! That’s like Black people trying to climb a wet muddy hill.