Chicago Cop Drew Peterson Found Guilty; Top 5 Strange Things About the Trial

Drew Peterson is guilty.

The haunting hearsay of Drew Peterson’s dead third wife and missing fourth wife sealed the fate of the boastful, brash, 58-year-old former Chicago cop, found guilty of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, 40, in November 2004.

Savio was found dead in her tub with a gash in the back of her head. Oddly, her death was initially determined to be a freak slip and fall accident. When Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson vanished in 2007, Savio was exhumed and her case was re-examined, and deemed a homicide.

The case spawned a historic new law, Drew’s Law, where hearsay is admitted in the case. Prosecutors said Drew’s Law  allowed his third and fourth wives to “speak from their graves,” through the recollections of their family and friends.

Peterson showed no reaction to the verdict, which was at odds with his public persona.The former cop did not shun the media limelight, instead, he welcomed it, and even joked on a talk show about launching a “Win a Date with Drew,” contest.

Drew Peterson faces a maximum sentence of 60-years in prison.

Top 5 Strange Things About Drew Peterson Trial

Drew Peterson was found guilty of murdering his wife Kathleen. She died in 2004.

5. Justice was delayed.

The actual crime is 8-years-old. Kathleen Salvo was found dead in her tub in 2004, when the crime was initially ruled a freak slip-and-fall accident.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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