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Entertainment » Rivalries: How Rihanna Gets Revenge

Rivalries: How Rihanna Gets Revenge

Rihanna gets her revenge.

Rihanna was photographed getting sick in a Vegas nightclub. The following day, the love of her life Chris Brown failed his drug test in probation court.

So, things are tough all over for the bombshell from Barbados, right?


The daggers have been out for your girl RiRi for quite some time with Rita Ora making waves; Chris Brown’s girlfriend making insults, and with RiRi  making a mess of things on her own with those marijuana Tweets and Instagram pics.

Marijuana aside, Rihanna is rolling diamonds now, as the artwork of her latest release suggests, and she is letting her rivals know that she’s got things under control.

Here are three ways Rihanna is winning.

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