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    an·i·mos·i·ty   /ˌænəˈmɒsɪti/ Show Spelled[an-uh-mos-i-tee]noun, plural an·i·mos·i·ties. a feeling of strong dislike, ill will, or enmity that tends to display itself in action.It amazes me that white people have this much animosity for Black people.

  • remoten

    LMAO…… It’s really amazing to me in this day and time to find whites still wanting to look like black folks but making all kinds of racists remarks and even trying to intimidate blacks from the safety of the internet. I have resolved their method as being a joke on themselves. In the now famous words; You try to dress like me, wear your hair like me, you want to be dark like me. “You want to be me!” My kind “as you call us” comes in 31 different shades naturally like Baskin-Robins 31 Ice Cream flavors while you come in only 1. By the way; the 10% of you that think it’s funny to try and humiliate us with your so called humor is concerned; “don’t quit your day job” because you’ll starve to death if you take your wannabe black face comedy routine on the road.