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Halle Berry Reveals the Secret to Her Slamming Body

It’s more than safe to say that it’s common knowledge that Halle Berry is one of the most phenomenal beauties in Hollywood, and it wouldn’t surprise us if, one day, Merriam-Webster decided to put her picture next to the word “beautiful” in their dictionary. But, what’s even more spectacular is that Berry’s gorgeous looks have stood the test of time, making the 46-year-old star look like a  fresh twentysomething. We’ve all wondered just how Berry maintains her infallible looks and now she’s shared her rather simple secret with In Style magazine.

In the new cover feature for the November issue, Berry talks about everything from her fiancé, Olivier Martinez, to her signature hair. But, the Hollywood stunner piqued the interest of many as she talked about her fitness regimen, which she says keeps her look young and glowing.

“I work out with Nat Bardonnet three times a week, an hour at a time. I do cardio, very light weights, and exercises that use a lot of my own body weight,” she explained.

Though Berry is faithful to her workout routine, the fit star says that she’s no longer interested in having the best body; she just wants to be healthy and toned.

“I just try and keep everything lean and toned — the days of trying to get a body are done,” said Berry.

And when it comes to her diet, Berry, who is a diabetic, says that she sticks to healthy foods.

“I’m a Whole Foods shopper all the way,” she shared. “Products will claim to be good for you, but when you look at the ingredients, they’re loaded with sugar.”

Luckily, Berry’s not alone in her quest to stay fit. Check out some other healthy Hollywood stars who are aging well below. –nicholas robinson


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