Tyler Perry Stars in Action Film, ‘Cross’

Tyler Perry Stars in Action Film, 'Cross'

Stars: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox

Studio: Lionsgate

One of the literary world’s biggest franchise’s gets a reboot with the release of Alex Cross. Loosely based on writer James Patterson’s book Cross,  the story is filled with Patterson’s signature plot twists. However, the choice to put Tyler Perry in the lead role is probably a twist no Alex Cross fan saw coming. The good news is the bad guy is a memorable villain, making the plot deliciously unbalanced. Matthew Fox plays Picasso, who makes the mistake of getting on Cross’ radar by targeting his family members. The protagonist has to enter Picasso’s dark, twisted  world in order stop the ferocious killer. While die-hard fans may have balked at Tyler Perry playing the role of Alex Cross, rumor has it that Perry is much better than expected. Find out for yourself on Oct. 19 in theaters everywhere. –mike lawhorn

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