Daddy Dearest

Author: Kevin Bullock

After Carl “Hammer” Bobbit was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, he became obsessed with his daughter, Cataya. Through his best friend, Ron, he controls every aspect of her life. He regulates where she goes, what she watches on T.V and who she hangs with. He knows that Cataya hates him, but his fatherly instincts won’t allow him to lighten up — or confess his guilt.

Now that Cataya is a senior in high school, she has been living with her father’s mother ever since her own mother was found murdered twelve years prior. She has very little contact with her mother’s side of the family, but she’s learned through them the truth surrounding her mother’s unsolved death.

She proves that she’s cut from the same cloth as her father when she formulates an icy plan that would punish Hammer for the role that he played in her mother’s death. But she gets side tracked when Hammer escapes from prison and shows the real meaning to Daddy Dearest.

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  • Tanika Freeman

    Read this book in 6 hours!!!! It’s definitely a must read. Well written and the author was able to keep my attention!!! Great job Neicey Ford!!! TBFREE