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Katt Williams Pulls Gun on Faizon Love; 8 Celebrities Who Actually Killed Someone

Actor Faizon Love

Most of us know by now that comedian Katt Williams is not cooking with a full can of grease. And when he is on that “stuff,” he can unpredictable, outrageous and violent, as many a police blotter and media headline have amply noted.

So when Faizon Love told that Katt whipped out his heat and pointed it at him, he was almost certain that he was going to be shot and maybe even killed. Some friends eventually snatched the gun away from crazy Katt and the gun was discovered to be unloaded.

Comedian Katt Williams

This episode ended peacefully enough, though we doubt Faizon will ever forget it. However, there are instances where celebrities were packing some serious heat, and they did pull the trigger, and actually they did take a life. Here are eight celebrities who actually killed someone.

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