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Pray for the Pulpit: A History of Recent Black Church Shootings

Black Church Shootings

After a shooting Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012, at Rev. Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church International, a number of people are reeling and wondering how someone could enter a place of worship and open fire. As previously reported by Yvette Caslin, an armed black male wearing a suit and tie entered the church and shot Greg McDowell as he lead a prayer service. The victim has reportedly died. The gunman, 52-year-old Floyd Palmer, was apprehended at an Atlanta mall.

Since news of the shooting was released, Pastor Creflo Dollar and the entire World Changers congregation havebeen flooded with well wishes. “Pray for World Changers Church in Atlanta,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“We are standing with you and your members. This grace is not in vain! It’s changing lives and we won’t let you stand alone!” added another.

Unfortunately, this latest incident of gun violence is not the first time a black church has been subjected to a shooting. Below are four more cases, some deadly, of tragedy in or around the house of the Lord. –danielle canada

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