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Pray for the Pulpit: A History of Recent Black Church Shootings

Michigan Youth Pastor Shooting 

In May of 2012 two Michigan men were sentenced for shooting a youth Pastor at a local community center. Michigan news outlets report that Devontae Collier, 22, was sentenced to eight months in the Kent County Jail and Jaylen Woods, 18, reached a deal with prosecutors on May 18 for their roles in the shooting of Pastor MarShon Peoples in January 2011. The two men and six others reportedly tried to attend a church event at a community center when Peoples denied them entry. The two men reportedly became so irate that they began shooting, with one bullet striking Peoples in the head. The pastor survived and asked that the shooters not be jailed; “Putting them into a cell with other misguided people is not the answer,” he said of his attackers.

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