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Election Day Sexy: Shirtless Paul Ryan and Hot Politicians

Paul Ryan is happy to see you. In this new photo that is making its rounds on the NSFW websites, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is accidentally showing his, errr, stimulus package. Weeks ago, he was spotted shirtless.

6. Paul “Mr. Big” Ryan.

Election Day 2012 will be one  of the most divisive in quite some time, and female voters are being courted heavily.  And we wouldn’t put it past some politicians to do whatever it takes to get those “Binders full of Women,” in their camp.

So, ladies, here are your representatives showing some skin to sway you. Some are sexy,  some are scandalous, but all shirtless.

Take a look.


Paul Ryan shirtless: This is the grainy image that sent the female voting pack in a frenzy not too long ago.


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